Push Button Influence Review

Get known and Get Paid for your Brilliance!

Isn’t that what we all want?

Well, it just won’t happen until you know how to to name, claim, share and sell what you have to offer.

Push Button Influence provides individual entrepreneurs and marketing teams the essential skills, strategies, and tools, to maximize their marketing reach and secure the media visibility.

It does take work, courage and commitment and because of that is not a program for everyone.  If your not willing to go all in and follow this proven step-by-step blueprint, to significantly improve your odds of becoming the “Winner” in your market, than this probably is not for you.

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 Who can benefit from Push Button Influence?

Are you looking to grow your business?  ROLES

It is as relevant for a real estate agent, as it would be for authors, store owners, content creators, or any other types of small business looking to get their message out.

If you’re looking for a way to increase the amount of influence that you have over your target market, and Broadcast Your Brilliance to the world, then this Push Button Influence is for you!!

What’s in the course?

I was surprised at the amount of material that has ended up in this course, not to mention the amazing bonuses Alex and Steve have put together to go along with the training.

To begin with:

  1. Open Office Hours
    1. Live Webinars where you dial in to get ALL of your questions answered).
    2. 1-1 5hrs each and associated with each module
  2. Live Support Desk to answer any and all questions related to the product & training
  3. MEMBERS ONLY Private FB Group for support from not only Steve and Alex, but the entire PBI community.


Pillar #1 – Learning

8 “How To” MODULES that are mobile-friendly (AUDIO/Video/Transcripts)

  1. Content (Message, Branding, TOI)
  2. Technology (Video, Audio, Written – Platforms)
  3. Planning (Editorial Calendar, Guests, Curation, Productivity)
  4. Repurposing (Syndication, Simulcasting, Amplification)
  5. Production
  6. Engagement (Audience, Community, Persuasion, Marketing
    • Getting in Front of the right Person, Conversion –
    • Getting the right people to take your desired action
  7. Networking (Connecting With Other Hosts, Guests, Influencers)
  8. Outsourcing – Tools & Resources

*****All modules come with an Action Guide and Checklist

Pillar #1 Goal: Have your first Web RADIO/TV SHOW in first 21 days!

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Pillar #2 – Doing

Implement what you have learned…

PBI Challenge

  • Implementation Points – Earned through completing modules/quizzes2016-03-19_20-37-57
  • Influence Points – Earned through conducting interviews, being interviewed
  • PBI Leaderboard


Get Rewarded for what you signed up for doing anyway with things that will propel your success even more!!!

  • PBI Radio Show Interview/Guest
  • Friday Hangout
  • PBI Spotlight (Public Acknowledgment)
  • Mailing of your Offer/Product to their List

Pillar #2 Goal:  Publish 3 shows on iTunes or Stitcher or YouTube in 44 days

Pillar #3 – Connecting

    1. Community
      Private Facebook Group
      Member-driven support, engagement, connection
    2. Access
      To Alex, Steve, NMIs
      Member-driven support, engagement, connection
    3. Online Media “Pitch Wall”
      Pitch your best stuff
      Member & Expert Reviews
      Get booked from other members!
    4. Push Button Influence LIVE !
    5. Networking With Influencers
    6. Connect with other PBI Student Shows (Practice)

Pillar #3 Goal:  Get invited as a guest on an Influencer’s show or have a new media influencer on your show in 66 days.

Pillar #4 – PBI Automation 

Done For You Section!!!!

  1. Pre-Negotiated Software Vendor Listtools
    • Discounted Tools & Resources
    • Funnel Software (Clickfunnels)
    • WebinarJam (6 Months for 1$)
    • Infusionsoft
  2. Blueprint Bonanza
    • Funnel Blueprints (automatic push into your account!)
    • Webinar, Email, Show Templates (scripts & doc templates)
    • F.I.T. Formula
  3. New Media Website! (WP files)

Pillar #4 Goal: Have all systems and templates implemented by end of program so at the “Push of a Button” you can Broadcast Your Brilliance

Pillar #5 – Scaling

  1. Ultimate PBI Empire2016-03-19_21-20-21
    Ultimate Podcast Directory
    Ultimate Web 2.0 Syndication
    Ultimate New Media Show Directory
  2. 3 day LIVE Training
    1. Day 0
      Mastermind (High-End Clients + Sponsors)
      Ice Breaker (Students)
    2. Day 1
      Pitch Fest (Students trying to convince influencers to have them on their show)
      Expert Panel Judging with Alex, Steve, etc.
    3. Day 2
      Deep dive into selected areas of focus
      Bookstore (PB Monetization)
    4. Day 3
      Continued deeper level training
      Celebration (Brunch)
    5. Private OPEN OFFICE HOURS (Alex & Steve) to handle FAQs + Roadblocks
    6. LiveCast
    7. NMI Panel
    8. Live Blab Show From The Event

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The Private Beta TestPush Button Influence Beta training

A six-month, invitation only opportunity was offered to 53 people for the development and deployment of this brand new training program.  AND they paid to participate.

That’s right!  They knew this group mentoring was an amazing opportunity to work closely with both Alex & Steve to learn how to maximize visibility, marketing reach, and influence by leveraging the power of new media.

Check out some feedback from students of this beta program by click here

Why does this beta testing matter to you you ask?

Well, in my opinion, a few reasons.

      1. Someone else worked out all the kinks :)
      2. Necessary changes were made to perfect the program
      3. The real case studies that will be available showing how this training can elevate your marketing reach and explode your profitability will just be added proof, that you just can’t do without this training.

Get known and Get Paid for your Brilliance!

The fact of the matter is, without the right exposure and visibility, nothing much will happen.  Searching for quality leads among a handful of viewers results in little and leaves you running in place.  Your business will become stagnant.

Push Button Influence was designed to help you find that energy and get your business moving forward and stay that way.

So what are you waiting for?   Just do it!